diagnostic critera for SA and avpd (coz some people r :s)

ok, first hi, im nicola im a psychology student, and i come here just to have a look, and see if i can offer any help, if it makes u guys feel easier me being here, i am not a sufferer, but once was, well it was more depressionwith avpd tendancies.
ok well, social phobia is defined as a irational fear of social situation,
a personality disorder is where a characteristic of your personality effects your functioning, eg an extreme personality trait.

SA criterea: paitent shows irational fear of social situations, usualy because they fear citicism by others, usualy fear is in showing anxiety syptoms to others ( SA is an anxiety disorder) so it is also a physical conition. even tho paitent fears soical interaction they are usualy aware of this irationality, and wish for social pleasure.

Avpd critera: (really hard to explain with it sounding like SA) but, avpd is more.... the persons fear of how others will judge them, avpd do not show physical syptoms with anxiety attacks. Avpd people are also more sensative to criticism than SA people.

Ok you could say, SA is an axiety condition triggered by social situations, Avpd is an actaly fear of being seen by another person is a negative light, also overlaps with schitzoid personality disorder and dependant personality disorder.
also Avpd paitents do NOT lack interest in socialising, thats schitzoid personalities, (not schitzophrenia btw) they do infact disire affection.

Pravelence rates are higher in Avpd paitents than SA paitnets, and is harder to treat.
Hope this helped people who wanted to know the difference!
They really do sound the same.

I think I have AvPD, the main reason is that I don't have physical symptoms

Have you learned anything about different causes? Personally I think AvPD is more likely caused but failed relationships + bad social skills and SA/SP is conditioned by bad experiences like bullying + bad social skills.

Are you going for clinical psych?