depressed with being alone.. cant cant get along with people soon..

Hi Everyone,

I am Sonika here.

I stay alone at home, and all my family members are very busy and away. I feel like having friends, but no friends too. Friends are actually very busy as they are married and having kids, hardly they can give me time. I go to office, here one guy became my friends, after 5months of time i realized i am enjoying his company and i also realized i am being attached to him..
He does lots of jokes etc, also he said many times he likes me, and he speaks with everyone sex talk in a funny way everyone likes it, but sometimes it becomes too much. any ways i am being attached not he..

Also i cry a lot all alone.. and i think of people who said what all the time and wont focus on my won career.. i get stressed with people think of staying alone most of the time.. i dont enjoy there company, i hardly find one or two and go along with them, and when they leave me n go or get busy in there work i message them n irritate them ,, i say all emotional things. I keep on crying.. n get depressed.
I too want to make friends. enjoy ..
Is there any solution to come out of this depression? And what food can help me.. How to over come this.?

If people ditch me and go i cry a lot and think of harming myself. But i don't do it...

Hi Sonika - I feel for you. When you are at home alone, try and find something to do to take your mind off your loneliness. It is hard not to feel sorry for yourself, I know, but it is best not to spend so much time crying. Study a language, learn a musical instrument, learn to cook, anything that will take your focus away from yourself and will also help to build up your confidence. Try to find a family member who you can talk to if you can't find a friend. Get into the habit of discussing all sorts of topics, not just emotional problems. With acquaintances and strangers, try just saying a cheerful "Good Morning!". It tends to make you feel good especially when you get a friendly "Good Morning" back. Be careful about talking about your deepest feelings - most people don't want to hear about your problems - but when you find person you can trust you can begin to talk to them about your loneliness. If they continue to listen then you have found a friend. As for food, I find I feel better after a good, wholesome, healthy meal and I feel bad after eating junk food and fizzy drinks.
I feel you get attached to them in the wrong way, I mean I understand how you feel and there is nothing wrong when you enjoy the company from others, especially when you/we feel most of the time alone for one reason or another, it tends to happen... and we want to give our best when we interact with others, but sometimes people also needs their space... just try to be a little more casual with that certain someone, also if you can find habits of some sorts to distract your mind on your free time that will help you a lot too.