Cure social phobia and anxiety


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I sufferd from panic atacks and generalized anxiety disorder since 2001. I tried paxil for 2 years, effexor for 1 year. The simptoms were better, but not disappeard. I found 2 e-books that helped me a lot, more that paxil and effexor together. Here there are the links:

Thsi one is very good, you must follow the steps and you are going to unterstand yourslef a lot. It is not free however, but I thing is worth the price, once your problemes are gone.

Thsi one is a little cheaper, very good though. Worth a closer look.However, I found myself better the first one.
It si very important for you to help yourself. Develop yourself, don' t work so hard, enjoy life and you will be better. Trust in God, more important than everything, because only Him knows how the human machine is made.
Good luck!

I read the info for the linden method and it sounds very good! But man I don't have the money for that right now. But I just want to say thanks for sharing. I will keep that link for later when I can get it.

Do you feel that you are completley free from anxiety now since you tryed those methods?