Countdown to Fiona Apples Next Album.

61 Days left!

*Hopes no one realized he calculated number of days wrong before.*

She posted the lyrics for her song Every Single Night, and yes wow she can still write lyrics extremely well. Here it is

You read them and it somehow flows and is a tongue twister at the same time. I like the part that starts "I am what I am and I does what I does", she likes playing with words and she does it well.
14 days!

It's getting close now. Article to prep you!

As I know none of you will read it, a few parts of interest.

“The only place I go is Largo, and I’m not exaggerating,” she said. “I walk my dog at dawn because I don’t like people to be around.”

"Ms. Apple has been reading about neural pathways in the brain. “What fires together wires together. If you keep on having these negative thoughts or being angry all the time, then that area of your brain is going to get stronger,” she said."
IT CAME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like three weeks ago, but I was on a trip and didn't have time to post it, but I'm glad you all found your way to it :D. It is very good, very well writing by fiona, and I think her age shows, and I mean that in a good way. All her albums are good of course, but this one shows she is 9 years older than she last wrote songs, it has 9 more years of life to sing about, more experienced. It feels more content, settled in life. She's always been mature and sophisticated, that hasn't changed, but it's aged like good wine into a different sounding album for a different phase of her life.
So, uh, Fiona Apple is coming out with a new album again.

Don't worry, I won't count all the days down until this one. Probably. I think at some point over the last 10 years I lost my super fan status and don't have months years worth of info to share anymore

I am excited about the album nonetheless. Unextraordinary is not a word in Fiona Apple's dictionary (or, based on the red line under it as I type, in Google Chrome's dictionary either).
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