constant sweating.


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It seems like everywhere that i go, when its colder especially. I sweat when i am waiting in line to pay for groceries, i have a hard time breathing, like i am having a panic attack, i have been having a lot more of these experiences lately. I am tired of living this way, and i don't think that i will ever recover from this.. But i just want to die.. nothing that i seem to do is getting any better for me.


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i know how gross it feels to be almost out of breath and sweating like a dog. but it's usually very common to sweat and have irregular breath if u have SP/SA. well, i think u'd better see a doctor like a therapist or psychiatrist... wutever one. you can tell he or she exactly how you described... and the doctor will tell you whats best for you, and maybe even prescribe you a pill for that kinda anxiety... though i'm not sure if your're already on any medication...
well hope this somehow helps you :)


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My friend sweat a lot! And he does not seem to have a problem with it. My girlfriend sweats a lot when I hold her hand/ hugs her. She seems ok with it. I think it is natural and OK. If you don't think too much about it I guess. Which could be a problem with SP people. Try anti-perspirent spray. :?


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I have the same problem with sweating. It is a little embarrassing. I attribute some of it to my social phobia and some of it to my diet. However, what I do is carry a hankerchief with me so I can wipe my brow. I noticed that if I wipe off the perspiration from my brow and neck...I get a little cooler and don't look so disheveled.

Any way, that's how I try to adapt to my cruddy situation. It's better than nothing.