Collab/ submit lyrics for a song about Social Anxiety

Hi everyone.
As I've found a lot of comfort in writing songs about my anxiety and that way getting it (kinda) out of my system, I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in trying that as well?

I was thinking we all could collaborate on the lyrics and then I'd turn it into a song. Kind of a song about Social Anxiety by people who deal with it

Out of all the 'answers' I'll get I want to make a selection of lines that I'll slightly edit to match a rhyme scheme and melody. And hopefully that way we all can create a song for the outer world that describes what it's like to deal with Social Anxiety from our perspective.

Just to help you guys ahead a little bit, I've made up some sort of questions to already make a sort of distinction between the verses and a chorus.

So, for the verses, it would be great if you could answer this question:
How does dealing with social anxiety make you feel?

And as for the chorus I'd like you to finish this sentence:
When I look at people I ...

Also if you think these questions don't reflect your feelings/experience, feel free to just post the way you feel.

Thanks heaps, and if you have any questions, let me know!

P.S. this has my anxiety spiked a bit Hope you don't think I'm just here to get something from you. So please, if there's anything please tell me or ask me. I'm happy to talk/discuss.

Ooh, and if you want to hear my style as a singer/songwriter, or my songs about Anxiety, I'll leave a link here: