Can't blush when I'm sweating


I've noticed over the past few days since my car broke down and I've been forced to walk to work, that for the first hour or so I don't blush. It takes me 30 minutes or so to walk there and I walk fast, so by the time I get there I'm breaking out in a very slight sweat, which for whatever reason stops blushing. Anyone else get this?

I've started prolonging this temperature in my body by keeping some layers on when I first get to work and drinking coffee, and can string it out for a good 2-3 hours, which makes my life much easier.

Not entirely sure why this happens but it buys me some non blushing time which is always good.

P.S. before someone asks (you know who you are) yes I'm sure I'm a blusher and not a flusher. I've got 11 years experience in the matter so I'm fairly confident about what I'm experiencing. Cheers.