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Hi guys and girls, I copied and pasted an article on botox for blushers.
I did do a search here for this, but only found 3 unrelated topics.
I have absolutley no idea if it works, but my guess is its tempory, needing constant renewing as the botox is absorbed into the body. All I know is botox is a poison causing inflammation.

Botox blocks acetylcholine at cholinurgic synapses. Acetylcholine is responsible for muscle contractions which enable sweating and blushing. Botox has been the definitive answer to localised sweating for years. only idiots have ETS these days for either condition. Botox for blushing is currently under trial in London and Sydney.

I have nullified my facial blushing with botox. Botox injected to the face results in some loss of facial expression bc osmosis inevitably reaches muscles beneath the skin. I regard this as a small price to pay.

I now supply generic botox online because US patented Botox is extortionately priced and treatment needs to be repeated to maintain effect. I can't be bothered to sell to you unless you have been treated already and know what you're talking about. I'm sick of small-minded peasants accusing me of being a 25 dollar opportunist. If you want more information then reply to this post.

Sufferers of hyperhidrosis should be particularly pleased with this news. It is the definitive cure. And very well known for years. Even your GP (local doctor)may know about it.

Here is the site I pinched it from. :lol: