Botox - how many times can it be done?

Hi there. I'm new to this site and had some questions I really needed answering.

I had botox done over 2 years ago and the sweating has only recently started to resurface. I want to get it done again as it is painless and life changing.

However, I am reluctant because I do not know how many times it can be administered before losing its effectiveness altogether, or even if this happens.

Is there anybody out there with access to any relevant statistics or information or, more importantly, anybody hout there that has had botox injections a number of times?

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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i kno u can have botox every few months..that keeps it workin effectively! u can have it as many times as u want and the clinic u had it done will advise u on all this anyway xx
Ye, i agree with pinker. If your hyperhydrosis isnt that bad maybe just use a little driclor or something, may be a little cheaper for you and more suitable for you. I was gonna have botox but after using driclor i dont see the need. I mean i bought my last bottle 2 months ago and im barely half way through. Financially it makes more sense, but hey it might not be right for you. If ive learnt anything from this site its that everyones different.

To answer your question, from my understanding botox doesnt ever become inaffective but it is only ment to last 6-8 months. Shocked it lasted 2 years for you. The whole point of botox is that it blocks the sweat glands up so as long as you have the treatment there is no reason for it to be inaffective.

Hope all goes well for you mate. Mistryman
Cheers for the replies everyone. However, I have been doing a little internet reading and have found out some interesting things on this matter that some might find interesting.

Apparently, it is possible for the body to develop antibodys to botox that can counteract its effectiveness. However, this only occurs in 5% of people and, generally, a switch to a different kind of botox is usually successful.

In response to mistryman, I have used driclor in the past and found that it doesn't really o much for me, other than irritate the hellout of my skin. However, I have been using probanthine recently and it has been very good. However, I'm a little wirries by the fact that I am finding it difficult to wee...

I am still unsure whether to get botox again or not... :(
Well jeff, the decision is yours. Only you can decide whats right for you, im sure you will make the right decision.

Know what you mean by the itching, some nights its really bad and i struggle to sleep. Hurts to just close my arms together.

All the best mate, be sure to let us know your decision. Always a freindly ear on this website.