blushing is crippling my life.

I have been a blusher for many years ever since grade school. I use to get so embarrassed when I would get called out to read or answer a question or present a project. Everyone would laugh and point out how red I was even the horrible teacher I had at the time. Anyways life went on and my blushing didn't bother me for awhile. Now that I am older I constantly blush like really bad at work. It's so debilitating. It's all I think about. In front of my bosses. Sometimes coworkers and even clients! I can't stop thinking about it for the life of me. I know everyone I work with talk about it and make fun of me. I have left a job before because of this..... super humiliating. Now I'm on Zoloft for depression and social anxiety. Let's see if it works....:blushing:


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Laugh it off, people don't care nearly as much as you do. They don't care at all. I've never been made fun of for blushing. The "worst" that happened was people worrying and wondering if I was okay (more extreme cases where I was blushing so bad I actually felt like my face was very swollen). You make it way worse than it actually is. Also, some guys/girls think blushing is cute.


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Errrr.... this is one thing I hate. It's one hindrance why I can't even pretend to speak confidently. One time I offered a colleague some food, take note that that simple act takes a lot of courage in my part since I'm not the type who initiates things. I was doing it as an effort to act like normal people do and also to practice being a little bit confident. Unfortunately, the guy rejected my offer in a nice way. You see, I was prepared to be rejected and I just shrugged it off. Except the person was now looking weirdly at me and to my horror I saw on the cubicle mirror's reflection that I was frikkin blushing.

So yeah, I can't even pretend to be confident coz blushing shows my discomfort.
I get the same way. Of I am trying to be nice and I am rejected I feel bad and go bright red. But I blush for everything. I don't know why I can't control it it's so crippling.


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You can't control it because you're afraid of it. I used to blush about everything. Nowadays, I notice that if I'm not that worried about blushing in particular, I get anxious just the same, but it's like I don't feel it go up to my face, sort of "stopping" at my neck. Seriously, the less you care about it, and the less frightened you are of it, the less and less it'll happen, same way you lose fear of something the more you expose yourself to it (and allow for the fear to simmer down).
I am 51 yo, but I can remember when I was in high school I would blush something fierce. I thought it was just part of being a teen, until my blushing turned into sweating (hyperhydrosis) when I was in college.

I got ETS done and I don't blush or sweat from the face anymore, but I sweat more all over my back, legs, etc.. I think blushing and excessive sweating are indicators of hyperactive nerves that can manifest themselves into numerous psychological problems. Obviously the medical community doesn't know how to treat it, short of snipping some nerves. I just wish there was a magic pill I could take. Xanax helps somewhat but it is addictive and you will build up a tolerance. The only thing I found that worked but it is also addictive is alcohol.

Hang in there I know it can be tough. I can remember in high school people said my face looked like it was going to explode. I didn't want people to be able to tell when I was embarrassed. Don't go down the illegal drugs and alcohol route because it will only make things worse. Think orange jumpsuit and bars.
Hello everyone I'm 25 years old male and suffer from extreme blushing to the point it's ruining my life, my face feels warm all day everyday and any single movement causes me to go bright red including laughing sneezing coughing etc , but for blushing for no reason it happens 10 times a day in shops supermarkets bumping into someone I know bending down then stand up bright red , I feel my condition is more physical because I never feel embarrassed believe it or not my face goes red then I get embarrassed because people think I'm getting embarrassed but for other people they get embarrassed then they're face goes red , I don't go into shops thinking down go red don't blush it just happens I don't think about it at all which to me means it's not in the mind , I've tried medication venlafaxine clonidine nothing worked tried hypnosis but it's not for me because it's for the mind which in my mind I don't think about , I'm very healthy don't drink alcohol smoke eat spicy food which alot of people mentioned might cause blushing to become worse , I feel trapped can't become who I want to be face feels warm all of the time which is crippling me to the point I'm distancing myself from friends , any stories please help , much appreciated xx
Hey Bigyin I am a Little tomato too ha

Well, I am not thinking about it right now but I am afraid of it to happen so,
somehow it is in my mind even that I am not fully aware of it.

Have you read about cognitive therapy?
It has been a great help for me
My blushing s root turned out to be OCD.
(excuse grammar mistakes not my native language)