Being Self-Defeatist


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I’m working on some issues and posting in the SA part of this forum. But I wonder if you can help me on this. My issue is that I tend to look at people but with the aid of CBT and some comments via this forum it’s getting better.

However, my main issue is one on one situation with people in the street. Groups do not give me a problem anymore. My point is that I have kind of lost the situation and my control before I have started. Just seeing someone ahead kicks in my anxiety and resulting looking/staring activity. There is no need for this. It seems as though I am being very self-defeatist. There is no reason for me to be scared of everyone.

Any tips on how not to let this anxiety start. It’s almost as if I went about things just a little bit more positively all this issue would be a none issue. Maybe you have some experience to share how you just refused to accept or defused your anxiety?