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I've read the thread from of the things he listed that can help us from our anxiety is banana..

i wanna know if anyone of u guys give it a try..
if yes.. does it works the magic?
if no.. wanna try?



I think every person's experience with bananas are different since our bodies all react in different ways. For me, bananas have been quite noticeably helpful. People get the wrong idea that you need to eat 3 or 4 of them everyday... that's NOT going to help you in being a "quick fix". All it does is make you extremely full (which is actually a good thing if you're trying to lose weight in a healthier way).

Search the web and see the benefits of eating bananas, there's tons of info out there. It definitely has a somewhat "calming" effect within an hour or so of eating one, and the added benefits of potassium are pretty much well documented for other areas of health. I'll usually eat one banana in the morning with oatmeal or cereal to get my day started. And if I get the munchies at any other time of the day, I'll usually have another one. That's it... I don't try to make it the stable/focus of my meals.

It's definitely not the all-in-one cure... but it does indeed help out in it's own little ways. Once the body recognizes your daily intake of it, that's sort of when you'll really start to notice the difference in how you feel... probably about a week or so of eathing at least one banana daily.
Anyway, it works for me, and anything's worth a try at least once. In any case, bananas are a HEALTHY food for your body... much better than snacking on chips, candy and other junk foods when you get a craving.

Whew... long reply!! Sorry :lol:
I take potassium supplements and they always help me to feel better. Potassium is good for you. I have several changes that I made to my diet. Check out my blogs and I will be featuring diets and panic attacks. My diet was a key factor in curing my panic attacks.


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Bananas are great as long as you don't use them for a substitute for the real know what I'm talking about Girls....LOL


Potassium is not necessarily good for everyone. If you eat too much sodium, you may need to eat extra potassium. However, you should be very careful with potassium supplements. Potassium and sodium sit on either side of the cell walls, and they regulate the heart cells. Too much of one can cause a deficiency of another. During heart surgery, potassium is injected into the heart to stop it. Injecting potassium into someone's heart will kill them, if it's not under medical circumstances, where the heart is deliberately being stopped.

One of the times I actually had to call the paramedics was during a panic attack that was induced by taking potassium supplements. I do not take vitamin or mineral supplements, for the very reason that they can upset the chemical balance in your body. Too much of one can cause deficiencies of another. The same can happen with calcium and magnesium. If you take calcium supplements, without adequate magnesium, you can really mess up your heart, among other things. Too much of one B vitamin will cause deficiencies in another, and so on.

The best thing to do is to get your nutrients from whole organic food sources. You can use supplements are food-matrix based, but taking individual minerals such as potassium is very risky and probably shouldn't be done without medical supervision. [/i]