avert/robinul questions, please help


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Hello I have had hyperhidrosis for a few years now, I've managed to hide it from the public best I can, but I'm just getting sick of it, I want to go out in only a t shirt and not worry about horrible massive sweat patches. My main sweat problem is my back, whenever I am nervous, slightly hot weather or exercise a bit, my back starts pouring with sweat. I went to my doctor and he was all jokey about it and said everyone sweats its normal and I said... It's not normal, the amount I sweat and he just said I had a very efficient cooling system. Fag.

Anyway, I recently heard about avert/robinul tablets that have a major impact on peoples sweating, judging from peoples reactions I've read. Just a few questions that shouldn't be too hard and I'd be forever grateful if someone helped me out.

#1 Is it possible, when I take these tablets to die from overheating if I don't sweat? How can I prevent this?

#2 I have asthma, I know on a lot of medicines it says use with caution if you have asthma, is there anything wrong with taking these if you have asthma?

#3 One of the side effects I've read about is impotence, have any of you experienced or heard of anyone with this? Would this be impotence for life, or just while you are taking the medication?

Thank you a lot, stay strong :)
I don't think it's possible to die from not sweating because from my experience, you still will sweat a little. (I have hand and feet hyperhidrosis.)

I took Robinul for about a week and it was probably the biggest regret of my life. It didn't work well at first with 1mg so I slowly bumped up my dosage. I got up to 4mg max a day and it drastically reduced my sweating, but I had an unbearably dry mouth. That, however, is not even the worst part. The following weekend I got horribly sick and came down with pneumonia. I was really sick for a good two weeks and felt like I was gonna die at one point.

Basically, it was nice having my sweat reduced, but I would never take it again. Not at that risk.
Roads, maybe not directly but I'm sure it was tied to it because I had never been that sick since I was in elementary school. Like I said, I took it for about five days and the following weekend I came down with serious illness. One doctor (I went to a few and got different reasons) said that it was because my body was adjusting to the new drug and it sort of a culture shock for the body.

I don't know, it might not be the same for everyone. I, however, will be staying away from oral tablets. Besides, can you imagine getting excessive dry mouth all the time? It was too much for me.
I'm taking Oxybutinin, which I believe is pretty darn close to Robinul so maybe I can help.

My sweating isn't stopped 100%. It's diminished DRASTICALLY, to the point where I'd say that I sweat now as much as your average person. But because it does stop sweating quite a bit, I'm still aware of this and make sure to keep myself hydrated. Especially if I'm outside and feel hot and weak, I give it a rest.

I have been getting dry mouth, and while it has been pretty manageable, I've had a few times that were pretty bad. But, for me, I don't mind chewing gum, or having water on me to tame it down. You have to take things in trades, and I'd rather take the dry mouth for lack of sweating and urination in my case (which is another good thing).
I take Robinul/Secure/Avert almost every day. I'm a 27 y/o guy.

I think you just need to be prudent.

If you are doing heavy outdoor work you really should sweat. What I like about the drug it it doesnt shut off your sweat. I still sweat, but I sweat a little, like my body should. If you are doing hard core exercise or work, well, you are going to sweat like crazy so dont take the med.

If you are generally healthy and sweating in abnormal situations you are sweating more than you need to be. Its excess. You will not overheat sitting in a class or office.

I have no idea about the asthma situation. You should probably get more qualified medical advice on that issue.

As far as impotence is concerned, well, I can assure you it hasnt been an issue for me. :) Actually, that was more of an issue before I took the med. (Not impotence, but my nervousness connected to the entire sweaty sexual experience.)
Is a prescription required for both Secure wipes AND Avert/Robinul? I plan on ordering from pharmacy.ca but live in the USA. Even if the Secure wipes weren't prescription, that would be great.


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Why would they possibly make secure wipes prescription? I always thought that they were a milder topical.

Have you tried Maxim wipes instead of the sure wipes? Those are also pretty easy to get a hold of online and I KNOW you don't need a prescription.

I use them for my facial sweating.

It's a shame about the Robinul side effects. I've heard from people that if it wasn't for the dry mouth, they wouldn't mind taking it at all.


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-In Canada, Avert and Secure wipes are over the counter.

I actually had my doctor give me a prescription, so I could claim the cost on my income tax, but could have gotten them anyway.

Don't know what the story is with Robinul in the States.

If Maxim wipes are cheaper than Secure and easily available, that's a good thing. I just use the oral meds anyway, but this is helpful for many.


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Im in England actually, I'm not sure of what robinul is like here, hopefully planning on going to the doctors though in hope of getting some.