Armpit HH - Help & Feedback on Treatments

Hi All,
I'm at a point where I need some extra help with Axillary HH, I've tried a lot of things below:

Antiperspirants: like Certraindri, Sweatblock and a few others that are not even allowed in the US, they worked for a bit but now they stopped working.

I had botox injections which worked great for about 6 months, then I had a second session and it lasted about 2 weeks and now HH is back even worse than before the first session. Each session is around $600 and very very painful.

I've looked into MiraDry but it's expensive and I hear mixed reviews in terms of results.

Undershirts make it even worse because it raises my body temperature even more and the armpit patch is even more visible.

I teach a college course and I see my students looking at my armpits and it's getting to a point where it's distracting for me during lectures.

I want to try and avoid surgery, any thoughts on people who have tried all of of these tactics or something different that has worked?

Thanks for the feedback.
I didn't get any comments but if someone is facing the same challenges I was facing I found a solution that I would like to update: It's been 3 weeks and I tried a product called Duradry - and it has changed my life! My anxiety has been reduced to a minimum because this product stopped my sweat! Life changing!!