Arghh fall out with bf, calm me down please:)


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Heres the short version, i've fallen out with my boyfriend because i got home from work and was upset about my friends wedding as my bf said no way is he coming to the wedding which means me having to go ALONE???!

In a way i was mad at him but understand as he's not the most social thing.

Anyway we took a walk and what happened.... i had a massive breakdown in the park and had to sit on a bench cus i was hyperventillating. He did try n help me but said that it was ridiculous i was crying as its "only a wedding"

By the end of the evening i think he got pissed off and said i never tell him anything when im down and he doesnt feel were close anymore because of this....
In anger i throw my bag down and tell him i bottle my emotions up , i dont want him to think im contsantly sad (cus i sure feel constantly sad atm) and im embarassed about my social anixeties.

Think he's pissed off at me for not saying how nervous i was in the beginning, now it looks like i have to go ALONE ... which physically i cant do so im mad :(

Oh guys pleaase calm me down.....

I feel so mad i don't want to talk to him!!