Are you fragile?


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I think a good way to describe me would be "fragile." Lately, several little stressors have built up at work, and I feel like crying a lot. I feel as though I am letting people down, and, in fact, worry that the people I manage are losing trust/faith in me.

I know this will likely be short-lived. I think I will be able to recover from it-mostly, I just need to get answers to questions they have and reassure them that I am listening to them, but I am stressed right now.


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So sorry to hear you're feeling stressed right now and tearful. I wouldn't say I'm fragile, no, but I feel I'm weak, sometimes I feel I'm strong though, if that answers your question, lol. It sounds like you're feeling these things bc you're a caring person. What do you feel you're letting people down in?
I'm glad you feel you're able to recover from this shortly. Don't be too hard on yourself.
I'm fragile in some ways and strong in others. I probably wouldn't last a day at your job, though.

Remember that being unable to handle one thing doesn't mean you can't handle all things.