Approaching driving instructors to teach anxious driver..


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Now, my history with driving a car has been a very traumatic experience from 16 years of age.

I won't go into full detail however I passed in 2009 and at that time, I didn't have funds to buy a car. In 2012, I did and I bought a car which proved a costly experience as I had embarrassing moments (hitting my car on the driveway wall with some members of my family watching) and in my teen years, starting a car and hitting the nearby wall!

So yes, not great experiences and added to that I know absolutely nothing on cars. Buying them, their mechanics, what needs to be done annually (I want to know so any links would be great) - it just hasn't been for me compared to my contemporaries who speak about cars regularly and I'm like 'Yup, this part of the conversation is not for me then!'

However, I got married and it's an anxiety point as I am hesitant to go out but after a recent event, I'm ready to make small steps so I need to find an instructor who can help - with my anxiety issues in mind. I work in a place bit further from home so I'd be looking to learn there as I'm bit anxious seeing people I know (my school contemporaries who make an issue of me using public transport) drop a quizzical look on me behind the wheel considering my age

I think I drive well in general but it's when undertaking manuveres or when I'm in a busy car park and doing a parking turn that would get my anxiety up.

Any tips and pointers appreciated.