anything to ease blushing ?


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My question is there any treatment for facial blushing,because i can cope with my anxiety or depression,but when every day for few hours my face feels like its burning and gets beyond the limit of the red color,it can really destroy the self esteem to do anything and cope with it,and even sometimes i wouldnt be blushing but the terrible feeling would be there,and still i would look like im in the deep pain if id look at the mirror.and im a male so no make up advises ;)


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Hi, I think blushing is a little harder for a guy to cope with. Some people see blushing in a woman as cute or demure, but in a guy it can be seen as a sign of weakness. I think the best way to deal with blushing is to deal with the overall problem of shyness. Blushing is a symptom, and you need to reduce the problem that triggers that symptom. I am a big believer in visualization -- -- see yourself as being relaxed and confident and interacting with other people effectively. It is not magic, but it does help.