Anyone has any e-book-that can aid me in my chattin w gals


I am 27 yr old energetic young man an sp since age 9.I have finished university and working
I am a Ghanaian(Ghana is on the west coast of Africa)-it's is an Anglophone country.

:oops: I need some E-books to get going but I cannot afford to buy them:

''the art of approaching''-by Joseph Matthews' ,"Double Your dating''-by david DeAngelo.And something on cross-gender communication.[[/b]I have started seeing a Psychologist once again with the hope for a break through.The medications do not work for me.

Well SP's in Africa recieve very little care.The medcines we need are in the West.


Man seriously, just BE YOURSELF.

All these "playa gurus" are full of bullshit trying to make a quick buck.
Seriously be YOURSELF, i be myself and i get flooded with offers on a weekly basis by females.
I no longer force myself to be put out there, its just you see me i see you so lets go out, nothing big.

But if its truly a necessity i recommend
message board for players and shy guys etc.

I hope i don't get banned for posting that.
Go to Fast Seduction (just type that into google)

There's more stuff there then you'll be able to read in 6 months. Also lots of links to other sites with free content.

Don't buy the Art of Approaching by Joseph Matthews. He isn't that well respected as a person and there are better sources of information out there. His book will help, just there are better ones, and lots of info you don't have to pay for.