anyone from spain?


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I'm an asian just moved to spain to study. I currently live in zaragoza. Is there anyone here from spain? I'm a 26 years old girl btw


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Spanish speaking countries have there own website Fobia Social, Ansiedad y Timidez en so you could go there if you wanted to speak to people in Spanish. For all of you who haven't been to Zaragoza, it is a big city with its own brand of arabic architecture that you can admire all along the community of aragon. The cathedral is a mixture of many styles: classical, barroque, renaissance, romanic and mudéjar.


You are also close the equally beautiful Basque country. Enjoy your stay.


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Hi there,

I'm from Spain, although not from Zaragoza.

I hope you get to feel okay here, and good luck learning Spanish, if you decide to stay around. :)