Anyone Freaking out on Easter?


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Just wanted to know if anyone is freaking out because they are getting visited by friends of the family or extended relatives. Holidays freak me out because that's exactly what they do. However, it is a time that I get to try out my 'shooting-the-breeze" skills. It is hard to stay positive before an event. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll keep my finger crossed for you on this Blessed Holiday. Happy Easter.
With my social anxiety every holiday is really tough. I often times feel guilty because i do not participate in family gatherings such as church on easter because I feel like the walls are closing in on me. For me every holiday is just another day.


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Hi Orlando,

Did you get through Easter ok. Gee I wish I had your problem. My closest family member is over 3000 kms away and i very rarely see them. I had a lovely easter, worked all day. I find I don't have problems with immediate friends and family but with people I don't know very well or haven't seen for awhile then I get shakes and stress out about it. I had an aunty come to Darwin and she wanted to visit me at home, but I changed my hours at work so she couldn't, she is very stuck up and very critical, when she visited my sister and nephew she came across as polite etc but the next time she saw my mum she run Michelle down about the state of her house and the way she was bringing her son up so as I have put on alot of weight I didn't want to see her. Yeah I am a big wimp but if people can't accept you the way you are warts and all then I don't want to know them. She kept insisting she wanted to come over but I wanted to meet on neutral ground like in a coffee shop.
I still feel that way, very few people make it inside my unit but if they still want to see me I will go to them.
I can understand how you feel, hope it wasnt too painful for you.
Ya i know what you mean with having to interact with alot of people, that is a big "no no" with me. I am lucky that my mom is quite understanding and patient with my anxiety.


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Hi, Mickey and Neddy.

My Easter went alright. Thanks for asking.

You know what, Neddy. I noticed that I usually avoid people who always/mostly talk negatively about other people. They freak me out. I mean....I think am I going to be next when my conversation with them is over and they talk to someone else. It's just too much thinking......However, then I think I like people who are genuine and honest with their feelings....You know the one's who will tell the truth for all the right reasons even if it will hurt you....Me...I'm nice...and usually, I don't really talk about anything/ I have no opinions on anything. It's weird it's like i'm on the other side of the spectrum......Anyway, sorry, Neddy, that you have to deal with your auntie....It sounds annoying.


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easter and hols

orlando ,i understand that.what can be difficult for me is christmas.i worry about meeting old friends and relatives.they come out of every corner at the same time i try to concentrate on positive like lying in front of fire,the chocs,presentsetc.try to do something special for u and that might help
Easter was the best one yet. Avoided my family and went out for Japanese food with my sister. Apparently my Aunts and my Grandma sat around the dinner table making racist jokes the whole time. Glad i decided not to show.


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Hi, Sickgirl.

Man, that must be tough to hang around all that negativity especially when you're supposed to be celebrating a happy event. What was your mom doing?
Well, I'm glad that you had a better time with your sister.