anybody from Sol. Cal?


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Hi there, I'm Ryan, and I am new to all of this. forums, threads, blogs, etc... Here is why i believe i have a social problem.

1) anybody experience mind blockage of what to say when speaking with strangers? I notice this and i feel tense, unable to relate.
2) I can't tolerate ridicule, rude people, smug people, obnoxious people. I get totally on the defensive, I can't seem to find leverage for diplomacy towards these kinds of people, and I find myself not being tactful or witty.
3) poor sense of humor. this would be difficult when i'm tense around people.
4) fast heart rate. Hell, I'm 32 and i'm a nervous wreck.
5) not much of the player. the guy who picks up with a beautiful women. She could be looking right at me, but I choke, tense up, and my energy is way off... So that would also make me a poor conversation starter, eventhough i have experienced so much in life. so much experience in many travels in life. Damn myself, So hard on myself.

What brings me comfort: Folks, this is bizarre, I find comfort with my plush animals... Idk, it's weird, and it's my comfort. anyone relate here that are in my age group? When was the last time i slept with a women... years! when was the last time I have actually made a dedication to meet people and establish new friendship... 2 years and counting.

well, i hope i can find somebody out there who live in the Rancho Cucamonga area in Southern California. i hope this isn't a waste of my time. i have a feeling that it might be; afterall, social phobia starts first with being social, and meeting each other. I do enjoy meeting people, but it can get overwhelming, I'm not big on over crowded places. Not to say it's impossible to sometimes enjoy the hustle and bustle of congested areas. For instance the Fair, now that would require having to be part the a rat race, but fun none the least when you are with friends... and I don't have any.


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Hey OP it's your lucky day I guess.

I am 24 yr old guy and I have a fairly severe case of SAD and I read both of your posts and your symptoms are basically identical to mine. I'm willing to talk on here and maybe meet in the future, I need a support group too and people who understand this stuff.

I was just looking for people with SAD in Rancho Cucamonga, too, so it's amazing that you almost just made this post. :thumbup: