any Sp's from Africa?


I'm joojo from accra,ghana

it's cool to know there are other africans with sp/sa.

i'm male 27 and i've has sp for the past 18 years.

i never enjoyed my school,university days.

i'm now woking and everyone riducles me.....they think i'm the most wierd person they've ever met.coz at age 27 i've never had a gf.

i don't know what is gonna happen to me nxt


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Hello Joojo, you got a nice name. Nice to have you here.

I'm 21y male originally from Somalia. I left Somalia with my family in 1994 after the civil war there, we left to Kuwait. Then i came to Yemen for college in the late 2005.


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Hello, Joojo!!, i am not actually from Africa, i am from the Canary Islands, which belong to Spain, but they are very close to Morrocco and Sahara.
Well, i don' t think you are weird because you suffer from social anxiety.
I think, the people who suffer from anxiety, like you or me, think we are weird but we are not!!.
Well, welcome hehe, i forgot to tell you before!! :D


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This is my very first post and I'm from South Africa - like dancingpurplecat. Hopefully I'll have some positives to contribute to the forum ;)