anxiety that makes me think im racist


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b4 i start i want you to know that i am in no way racist.

I used to smoke alot of skunk which was the turning point of my social anxiety.
I was at a friends with 2 other really good friends of mine getting stoned having a laugh playing scrabble but this scrabble had a difference basically instead of putting down a normal word you had to make one up and give a good enough definition,, we all took turns going round and round until it got back to me as you can imagine we were literally trying to use as many peices as possible so throwing down letters without thinking i remember it so well yet i was so stoned i put like 7 of my letters down and just froze i thought id put down a racist word and thats when i had my first panic attack i couldnt even contenplate what i had done i felt so aweful everything was spinning around me everything that was said to me then after my head switched into the fact everyone hated me and that i was racist i remember practically in tears i remember saying shall i just go. "and my best friend said yeh as a jk."i got up to leave and everyone was like where r u going i felt like my life was over.....