Anxiety please help me!


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Hi, im going through a panic attack from anxiety. My doctor gives Me zoloft, and gaba (gamma-aminobutyric acid) for relief. I can never sleep because its my stomach i'm always afraid of. I have nervs that i might throw up. It seems to stress me too. I'm afraid to through up. Thats why i have anxiety. i try to get it off my mind but thats not helping... This anxiety problem has been going since 2002, on, and off. I through up last december, and was fine after that. then a week later i'm stressing to catch germs, etc. My stomach is fine the health center says. my blood etc. I get out of the house too. My anxiety pains will be Bubley, queasy, not hungrey. if i go turn in a car three times anxiety occurs. I have talked to about things in my life that bug me. no matter what i can't get the stomach pains out from anxiety. i focus on it too much instead of liveing normal. I think about vomiting all the time. I'm too much focused on it. If someone can give me advice i'd love it!


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Go to the social phobia forum for some information.

Maybe you should read some of the information that is posted on the social phobia forum. It seems to me that you may have trained your brain to work a certain way and that behavior management therapy may be helpful for you. I am not completely recovered, but I know that changing my thought patterns has been helping me a lot. Do not give up. Keep working on recovering from your condition.