An article that opened my eyes a little

I too am someone who can be very susceptible to falling into the sarcasm trap too much. This particular piece of advice the article offered is one of the things I have personally found the most success with in the past.

Give yourself an “opposing script” to follow when you’re feeling snarky. The best way to break yourself of a bad habit, says Gil, is to correct it as soon as it happens. Use a prepared script if you have to. He says,
Are you rolling your eyes at the young couple holding hands? Ask yourself why and tell yourself that being in the infatuation stage of romance is great regardless of the fact that you may have had bad experiences in the past. Do you feel disdain for people that laugh at those lame Madea movies despite their cookie-cutter nature? Remind yourself that not everyone has the same sense of humor as you and that your disdain is unwarranted
My sarcasm almost always devolves into bitterness, and when I allow myself the chance to look at what I am really being snarky about, it's quickly obvious that its a me a problem and not a them problem.


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It's interesting because I find myself noticing that the things that I'm judging negatively on others are just me projecting shit I dislike about myself. Or I judge people over positive emotions they're feeling and I'm not. It's a shitty pattern.