Amygdala responsible for SA Panick attacks


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Please give this a read a website i found and let me know what u think.

Heres abit that interested me

So what was my discovery?

There’s no secret, every single anxiety disorder, panic attack, phobia, OCD & PTSD sufferer on this planet has a condition that is caused and perpetuated by the same single thing; this thing is called the Amygdala, it’s a small almond shaped organ in the brain, this fact has been known for many years and is common knowledge amongst scientists world over. No matter how bad your symptoms are, no matter how long you have had anxiety disorder, this tiny organ is 100% responsible. IT is the cause of your anxiety; not stress, bereavement or life circumstances…they are just the triggers for the anxiety.


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This comes up every few years on SA forums. Either the amygdala or the hypothalamus get the blaim for SA.
This is a bit like saying that the spine is to blaim for all back problems. So what? Remove the spine at birth?
I would like to see what this "Linden Method" is. Amateur brain surgery?


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* avid pokes a screwdriver in his ear to try and sort this almywhatever out*

OUCH !!!!!!! :D :wink:


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What if it is due to this all you lot are doing is taking the piss when it might actually help but wotever