Agoraphobia Help

No snake oil or quacks here

I believe I can help you. I suffered for many years. Lost work, wife, kids, everything but got it all back and I relish leaving the front door.

I am not a doctor or a therapist, just a man who found his way through this to live a productive life and now I want to help you do the same.

I do not charge, this is my own time.

I have a plan, a plan that I made for myself that worked.

I promise this is not a sales pitch, there are no tapes, seminars, dvd's or anything attached, simply just want to help you.

The problem I found is that therapist and medics have rigid ways of looking at a problem and are unlikely to have lived through it. Drugs are one answer, a short term answer, which dulls your senses and give poor side effects. therapy is good but vague and lacks any real urgency. Intervention by someone who knows what you are feeling and felt the fear that you are feeling can help. Exercises, going out togeather, learning how to control your thoughts and feelings, baby steps then larger ones can be acheived.

Ultimately no one will know what you are suffering and how to control it unless they have endured it themselves.

you can email me confidentially at [email protected] even if you just want to talk.

Jason :D