Agoraphobia and me

So I've been suffering with agoraphobia for quite some time. At the moment I am highly restricted in where I can go. I go for walks everyday but all within a somewhat safe distance and retreat as soon as the usual symptoms kick in. I cant go shopping or attend family occasions, or even go to into the city centre.

I've had counselling which was great. Hypnosis which wasn't for me and occupational therapy which was fruitful but also a hindrance as I felt like I was not in control and was just being brought for a walk.
At the moment Im taking Imipramine which is an anti depressant and Rivotril.

I'm staying positive , which is hard sometimes. Its a frustrating condition to say the least
any updates on how you are doing? I've been suffering with it for years and have tried all the normal things without luck. Hope you are still staying positive, I'd love to hear if you've had progress.