After an anxiety filled moment, forgetting the conversations?


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So, today, after a long time I can only describe that I underwent an anxiety moment that left my heart beating doubly quick, my hand shaking and stuttering my words.

One of my work colleagues is a very disliked individual with a short fuse but generally I've got on well with him. Today, I told him of a rota change and he didn't like it but seemed to have accepted it. Shortly afterwards he came into my room, where I work with my 18 year old colleague and after discussing something with her, he asked me in an aggressive manner why the rota had been arranged without him (he was on leave). I tried to explain but immediately I felt all the aforementioned symptoms attacking me plus he kept twisting my words and suggesting I and my colleagues hadn't been fair. Later, my colleagues who is 18 and sat next to me said she may have intervened and I'm so glad she didn't as I would simply have been humiliated had that occured.

And it made me realise I can't remember what he specifically said in terms of questions he threw at me. Does this happen to someone else that if you had to retell the anxiety filled incident to someone else you'd struggle besides a broad overview?

I just can't remember specifics and want to know if that happens as a result of the anxiety..

Thank you


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i'd say definitely anxiety screens things out for me so that's probably what happened w/ you, sorry to hear that.