Advice on medication


I want to try medication for the first time in my many years of SA suffering and I wonder if there is anything out there that you can take only in an anxiety attack situation and not on a every day basis.
It would be great if I could just take something to take my symptoms away on the spot, or by taking it hours before I know that I am going to give a public presentation or a going to a party or something that triggers a high level of anxiety.
Is there something similar on the market like that (that is not just "Calms") or am I day dreaming?
Obviously talk to your doctor about this, as you will mostly need a script for anything you try, a fairly well known medication for such circumstances is propranolol

"Propranolol is often used by musicians and other performers to prevent stage fright. It has been taken by surgeons to reduce their own innate hand tremors during surgery"


I've tried benzo's without much luck. I've had serious issues with daily head meds so I had to stop trying those. I started taking St. Johns wort a bit back and I feel like it's really helped. The super big things don't seem AS scary and when I do fall apart, I'm able to bounce back much faster. Good luck! I'm interested in the med the guy above talked about. Now if I could only get to a doctor to ask about it :p


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I used to take Tricyclic Antidepressants, ‎‎Benzodiazepines (BZs) for my anxiety disorder. Later, after suffering the side effects. I switched to Meditation. I consume lots of water and spend my day in relaxing my mind by the practice of Vipassana.