A possible solution to cyber bullying...

Hi everyone! I am new and Im truly honored to be a part of this community of fighters.
I am currently working to solve the issue of cyber bullying and I have a possible solution but I need your input whether it is likely to work or not.

My Solution: Since Facebook is one of the main platforms in which a bully targets a victim, I have come up with a blocking option called "mirror blocking", what this does is once you add a bully name to this list, your profile will turn into their mirror. In other words, if the bully visits your page, instead of your profile image, they will see theirs (this may already prompt them to for a lack of a better word, back off) if they proceed to type the hateful message, the message will post on their page instead of the victims. So it would be shown as the bully writing that about himself.

I know what you might be thinking, "why not just block the bully and get it over with". Fair point, however, hear me out on this one. The point of this blocking feature is to try and permanently stop the bully from cyber attacking someone by introducing the idea of empathy. Since empathy cannot be taught, it is most likely to work only if the person experiences the humiliation themselves.

now my question to you is this....if there is a feature like this out there would you use it? If yes, why, and if no, why not?

Thank you so very much in advance to those who share their opinions with me. Stay strong my friends. :)