A poem


The world should be made of; love, love, love.

What are we afraid of? Love, love, love.

That's what should be in it; love, love, love,

Every minute; love, love, love.

But love can't win it; love, love, love,

When people just take it, and shove, shove shove;

it all away, far away, goodbye love.

Goodbye love, and hello fate.

Hello to misery; hate, hate, hate

What are we to do when it's too late?

I wrote this when I was in high school, and felt like most people hated me and were judging me all the time. I saw the world as being very hateful. I think there is some truth to this, even today, but I was applying this to my own little world, more than the world in general. -nicegirl90247


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Nice stuff Nicegirl

We would love to hear more. Did you write any other poems..

Mr Niceguy here..


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You are such a cutie pie

You seem like such a cutie pie on these posts. Too bad you gave me such a bad first impression in the chat room. But if you are like this most of the time, I think your girlfriend is a lucky girl.