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Old 07-10-2017

Hi everybody,
My name is Mike and i have suffered from facial hyperhidrosis for the last few years (26 years old)
It realy had and still have effected on my whole life, and of course influeneced on my confidence and mood.
I have tried sweat block something like a week ago, and its realy changed my life, at least until now.
I really dont remember when was the last time i went out to the street with no worries about the sweat.

Im reading the post here and want to say to all of you guys - there is a hope. Try sweatblock and if it wont help try something else, but dont stop until you complete the mission and starting to live a normal life (needless to say that i tried a lot of stuff like medications, special food, deodorants, cremes and more).

Basically, the sweatblock company recomend to use it on hands and feet, but im using it on my face and for now it works (i had a really severe facial sweating). I saw a lot of good feedbacks on this product on the internet, you can search and find out by yourself.

*it's really not a commercial or something, i just want to try and help because how know how frustrating this situation is.

By the way, i got to this product through this video:

This guy really changed my last few days and i hope my all life too.

I hope that i helped you this information.
Dont give up!
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Old 07-11-2017

Yes, yet another aluminum chloride product at 14%. There are a bunch of these products on the market. For those with very mold hand and feet sweating they can work. For thor those with mild to severe there is little chance. Underarms sweating you have a very good chance that these type products will work.

Now if Mike here is truthful and he has only suffered for the past few years, good chance he's either pushing a product that has been talked about on here in the past or has secondary HH that is being caused by some other problem and seriously needs to check out why the sudden HH within the past few years.

Now Mike here is a newbie with 2 posts saying the same thing which in my book is someone not being totally truthful.

Don't get me wrong, Sweatblock and all the other aluminum chloride products can work for certain conditions as does Certain Dri, Odaban plus all the other stronger aluminum chloride products that are either prescription grade meaning a higher percentage.

Facial HH is very difficult to treat with topical products. Ionto works best (doesn't work for everyone) for the hands and feet.

Just my 2 cents worth. I'm sure Mike Won't be posting anything new or plans to contribute to our forum.
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Old 07-11-2017

Hi man, how are you?
i suppose you must be the hyperhidrosis biggest expert in the whole world, aren't you?
i don't know who you are and what is your profession, but i have a really severe facial sweating problem, and add to that i live on hottest and humid countries in the world.

all i wanted to do is to give an honest opinion and try to help other people that have the same problem as i do. i dont have any connection to the sweat block company and i'm not making any money out of it.
i'm looking on this forum posts for years , and now , after i found a kind of solution, i wants everybody to know and try to cure themselves.

so you can think whatever you want, but please , don't make other people not trying this product. and pay attention to what i've said, its not a 100% guarantee that this product would work for everyone, like any other product.

have a good day

*by the way- i still swat a little bit around my eyebrows, because that was the area that was the most sweat sensitive on my face, but there is nothing to compare with the sweating i had before and the embarrassment i felt before.
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Old 07-12-2017


You may or may not be legit it doesn't matter to me. Just like I've posted about ionto and the virtues of not having to buy an expensive machine when there are numerous cheaper alternatives that accomplish the exact same thing.

It just had me thinking that since you only had an HH problem for the past several years that it may be a secondary based medical issue. Most HH sufferers on this forum usually are either born with it or it hits around ****rty. I'm just basing this on what we have encountered here on this and a now defunct forum. No harm meant to you. Thanks for sharing your experience with Sweatblock.

I'm not doubting the effectiveness of Sweat Block. I'm just saying that Sweatblock is pretty much the same as any product that uses aluminum chloride.

I'm happy for you that you are seeing results on your forehead with an aluminum chloride product. It just doesn't seem to be that common. You are one of the few lucky ones.
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Old 07-12-2017

mate, that's not true.
i saw all over the internet a lot of people who claim this product helped them with their sever hyperhidrosis.

and my disease wasn't a secondary based medical issue. i started to feel that around the age of 20 years old.

you can check and see that most of the hyperhidrosis sufferers usually starting to feel that around 16-20 or even after.

regardless what you've said, i hope at least a few people would go and buy this product after what i've posted.

its not like any other product i tried before, and i tried almost all of them.
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Old 07-14-2017

Everyone is different. If Sweatblock works for you.... go for it!!!

Feel free to contribute more on the topic of HH. It sounds like facial HH has been your biggest issue. You are far from being alone on this forum having cranial HH. It has been a major topic on this forum over the years and one of the hardest to solve. And yes, others have tried and reviewed Sweatblock on here along with a host of other products.

I believe the people on this forum have had the most success with facial/cranial HH was by using Secure Wipes from They are the only ones (that we all know of) that make them.

Glad it's working so far. Keep us posted on your results in the future.
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