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Have you ever wonder what you have to offer a spouse or what you want in a spouse. Do you know what you have to offer to someone if you became their spouse So you will know what you need to show to them that can offer them.

1.) The listener : put a ear out so you can be heard and vent all your emotions

2.) The encourager : believe in you on matter what and gives you good completements.

3.) Maitance worker : fixing and repairing stuff broken around the house and doing yard work and repairing cars.

4.) janitor : clean up the house

5.) payment benefits : bring in a good check help pay off bills .

6.) Gift giver : buying a unexpected surprize to help light up your eyes

7.) cook : repairing you a good and taste meal. also help put breakfast and dinner and lunch together.

8.) the cuddler : Loves to snuggle and cuddle with you as you watch t.v and goes to sleep.

9.) pleasure senser : Of course this one is probly the top one that every guy think about so I am not going to say it. it sex if your confused oops I said it.

10.) security guard : Help keep you protected form all the dangers of life. and the predator that may lark out their.

11.) consulter : Gives you good advice and keep you alert from all the scams and help you handle business offers.

12.) the challenger : very playful and loves to play games with you and loves to challenge you to stuff in a playful manner.

13.) comedy : Can be very funny and help left you up out of depression.

14.) restaurant companion : Love taking you out to eat and trying new foods.

15.) trip planner : Love going on adventure and exploring new parts of the world.

16.) daycare : Of course you being in a relationship it going to lead off into you having kids. So this can handle kids knows how to raise them up and teach them the important of life.

How much of these trait that I listed do you think you offer to a spouse and what which of these trait would you like to see in your spouse ? rating each one of these trait TEN out of ten what would you say they are.

for example
1. 9

2. 6

3. 7

4. 10

5. 3

6. 6

7. 8

8. 10

9. 10

10. 9

11. 4

12. 9

13. 5

14. 5

15. 1

16. 7
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