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    I just had ETS

    Been a couple of years since I posted. Nothing has changed really. Over five years since ETS was done. No negative side effects. Best decision of my life. Do your due diligence and choose your doctor wisely.
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    ETS 1 Year Later

    In a few days I will mark the 1 year anniversary of my ETS procedure. I would like to report that it has been a remarkable success. No more drippy wet hands. Yes, my hands still perspire from time to time, but it is normal sweating. Never overly dry hands. Compensatory sweating is normal. I...
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    I just had ETS

    i had ETS on Weds. Insurance covered most of the cost. Out of pocket to me was a little more than $2,000. First two days were painful. Difficulty breathing, etc but pain meds helped cope. Just this evening, noticed both hands getting sweaty again, albeit slightly.. I have read that this...