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    Body image issues?

    Anyone else have or had body image issues and would like to share how they had overcome it? I'm potentially battling an eating disorder, and I have severe body image issues. I'm pretty much disappointed with my entire body all the time; and I'm way too preoccupied with how my face looks (I'll...
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    Being "me" with conviction

    I want to be able to be someone who stands by his personality and his self with conviction -- someone who doesn't let much phase him. Far too often do I alter my personality/persona to fit the group I am in interaction with. I just want to have one persona. One persona that I can be happy with...
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    feeling that I don't have a personality

    We obviously have some sort of personality or attributes that set us aside from everyone else but does anyone else feel like they honestly don't have a personality? I feel that I have no personality, that I don't even make an impression on someone or make them have some sort of connection with...