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  • Wow thank you, I'm so glad to hear that :)
    This is a great place, I'm sure you will find a lot of nice people who give great advice (so much better than mine XD). Oh, and feel free to talk to me whenever you want it :)
    thank you for talking to me. You give good, and i mean good advice to people. a reply of yours to a young girl, was actually my first introduction to this site. what you said, was exactally what she needed. I was surprised to find a site so unique to my issues and the (real) respones/posts. Thank You Sir, it helped me.
    Hi Stardust and welcome to the site, hope you like it :)

    I'm sorry to hear you can't see the light, but I can tell you: it is there. You may need some more time and a lot of effort to see it. If you work hard, you'll find it, sooner or later. Hope it's sooner than later, but you have to fight :)

    Haha I see. If in half a year we're still here we'll have no problems to remember our bdays ::p:
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