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  • well, I've studied Latin and Ancient Greek in College (Classics) and parts of Linguistics as learning about the origin of words and grammar are my biggest passion. And although I have a hard time concentrating because of my anxiety, I wont give up my dream of becoming a linguist (for the moment, because of some financial issues, I'm working in a multinational and doing a completely boring thing which is killing me). I had actually even started a Master in Linguistics but I had to interrupt the academic year because my work schedule wouldn't allow me to go to classes. If you want to learn Latin, write down the grammatic forms as many times as you can. This is how I've learnt Latin and my memory is not excelent.
    I am! I have a bit of a crap memory so I can't claim to know a whole lot but I absolutely enjoy reading about it! I took latin up as a hobby as I loved encountering root words myself but a poor attention span seems to be a side effect of my depression :/
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