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    Southeast Texas

    Would really like to start some sort of group in my area as there is basically nothing here for people like me. I didn't even speak in school for the first four years and wasn't given any kind of help! I was given Ritalin when I finally did see a therapist and trust me, I didn't have ADD. They...
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    Looking for some friends

    I like this forum from what I've seen but a lot of it is a bunch of 20 year old guys complaining that they are still virgins. Not hating-I went through that phase myself in my early 20s-but I'm 36 now, live alone with my cats, worried about what I'll do when my mother dies and I'm truly alone...
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    frustrated, better off dead

    I'm so sick of the government telling me that I am capable of working so I can't get food stamps and disability benefits while the rest of the world acts like I don't belong out in public. After numerous applications and failed interviews (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) I finally...
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    Worried about being left alone

    I can't sleep at night worrying what will happen to me when my mother dies. At my stage of social phobia, you have to have at least one person who enables you to live a certain way and she's mine. I worry about little things like being able to change a tire and make phone calls to just the sheer...