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    How to meet new people and make new friends?

    I used to get invited out but never accepted those invitations because of my social anxiety... now a number of the few friends I had have gone from my life over the years and the ones I've got left are accustomed to my reluctance to do anything with anyone else. Add to this that my only good...
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    Silly personality defect test

    OkCupid | Take The Personality Defect Test so apparently I'm a boring and totally rational robot... lol it's a silly test... post your results just for ****s and giggles?
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    instant messaging etiquette

    edit: blah... massive unnecessary wall of text removed. It's better for both of us that you don't read it. To simplify, how do you actively use an instant messenger, being online every day and having a contact list full of people - while not talking about trivial crap when you don't want to be...