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  • I am in Wellington.
    Beautiful weather we are having here for the summer.
    It's nice to see so many New Zealanders here.
    Very Well put! i'm moving with my younger brother! yeah it's going to be a massive change! esp because i need to get a job and i've only worked for myself before and have no qualifications to speak of :D hows New Zealand treating you?
    I'm in Nelson Currently but moving to the big smoke in feb, scary stuff! have you notice the lack of people with Sa in NZ? is it our culture or is it not widely recognised thing here? or am i completely wrong? Have a wonderful day!
    Hey LostGirlNZ welcome to SPW !!! good to know i'm not the only one with SA in NZ! are you North or South? really do hope you find some help and comfort here! message me if you need to talk? or rant about nz, haha. Have a Awesome, wonderful day :)
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