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    Ugly and Toxic Person

    I know how you feel.... Unfortunately in this society people want have good-looking friends only
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    How do you deal with Bullies that have better lifes than you do at your expense

    few of my bullies had been in jail for a different charge, but others have a perfect life, they have a girlfriend/wife/kids and one of them is now a medic, I can't deal it because there's nothing that I can do, they won
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    If you had a friend, how would you want to spend time with them?

    nice thread -explain and share my feelings -ice-skating -golf -traveling in the countryside -I'd ask him to teach me to swim -cinema
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    I am a wierdo

    I was thinking that I need interest to develop friendships but what are my interest and hobbies? well, I don't know, I have some kind of interest as soccer, movies and travel, however, I can't measure up with others, in fact, I'm not as good as I thought because I can't remember actresses name...
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    I am a wierdo

    ...and there ain't nothing I can do about it, It's so hard to explain my feelings in the last decade. From one side I really feel comfortable with myself because I improved a lot of my skills and I recently got a well-paid job and I think I'm smarter than most people around me that I knew during...
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    Ugly and Toxic Person

    I've been called ugly so many times and they're right! I am, but what I suppose to do? It's not my fault. None said anything about toxic about me, just boring guy