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  • Hi Juliegoolie and I'm from Sydney Australia myself and I have a friendship request for you. I also enjoy going to the gym, cycling and generally enjoy keeping fit and watching what I eat.
    I don't have TV, since I usually watch series online, without ads and all the annoying and only marginally relevant aspects. The last time I watched TV, I had the pleasure to see a Durex commercial for lubes and toys in the afternoon program. That was enough. :P And I am a huge Stargate fan. Perhaps I should give other series a chance. I am reluctant to, though, since there are already enough things around that may make me procrastinate.

    Depending on the sophistication of your internet connection, you may be capable of downloading entire seasons of various TV series online. Streaming is certainly a viable option for Stargate Atlantis (http://videostic.com). They should be watched in order. If you aren't too keen on spending hours in front of your computer, watching TV series, just wait for the new Stargate Universe series which is to air on Oct. 2. :)

    What do you usually do all day long?

    i agree, it seems easier to try help others, when in fact we cant solve our own problems, its weird.
    im good thanks, and i hope you are too X
    no problemo, and i know what you mean, i just stumbled accross this site by accident, so glad i did though, hope your happy :)
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