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    Getting your hair cut

    Never been to a barber in my life. Can't imagine dealing with the awkward conversation. So why not save money by cutting it myself? It's not like there's anyone in my social life for me to impress, and it's easy to just keep it trimmed the same as ever.
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    Fear of age, time speeding up

    I'm a month and a half from 40 and haven't done much with my life (no partner, few friends, poor, never been anywhere, etc). I waste a lot of energy [especially this year with 40 looming] worrying about getting old. But the only place worth living is the present. All the good days happen when...
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    Moving on

    [didn't mean this post to offend -- delete please]
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    December 27th

    Reminder to those who don't keep close track of holidays: today is national flakeybark day.
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    Bay area gathering: July 12th

    Sorry for posting this with so little notice, but I'd expected responses from another social anxiety forum (guess I underestimated my ability to repulse) and there doesn't seem to be much of a bay area population here. But anyhow, to quote what I posted over there...
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    For sale

    Time and attention of one socially phobic geek (will negotiate quantity later). Relates best to people with no life/meatspace-friends/relationships. Hardly used, low mileage. Clean interior, minor blemishes on exterior. Runs well when approached by people. $0 obo. Must sell quickly. PM for details.
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    Bad Morning

    A week or so ago I tried out a new coping experiment. I was tired of how nerve-wracking it is to encounter people going the opposite direction when I walk around the lake. It's scary because I worry they'll say something and I'll offend them by freezing up or even responding awkwardly. The...
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    Meditation on a Leaf Blower

    The leaf blower picked away at my brain, slowly and surely, like a chisel. It was a Friday like any other Friday. I sat entrapped in my apartment as the beast circled below for hours. I turned up the volume on my noise-canceling headphones, but it was no good, the whir remained incessant in the...
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    A short walk

    Forget socializing. I'm trying to refocus myself on simpler things which it might actually be possible to learn to cope with better. Take the fears I encounter when I go for a walk around the neighborhood. Primarily, there's the fear of walking by someone on the street... my mind is racing...
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    The Void and The Machine

    Author's note: this is my autobiography, abstracted to the basics. The visible world was a thin, uniform fog above a featureless surface. In the middle lay a single blemish, a human head. Barely perceptible was the body attached to it, clothed in white against the white backdrop. The man lay...