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    My self-esteem isn't low, so I don't disbelieve them. My problem is figuring out what to say or do in response. Since I'm not close to people, they always come from people I'm not close to, and a compliment is often an invitation to become closer. So I feel like I always fumble that and try to...
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    What are your hobbies

    - hiking - listening to audio dramas - writing, producing and acting audio dramas - other writing - making websites - board games - photography
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    Emergency Backup Blog

    Went on my first date in 5 years on Saturday. I guess it was better than the last one, by default. I'd been talking with this woman on the dating site I've been on for 7 years, and she was the first to respond to me in all that time who actually lives very nearby (neighboring town). I ended up...
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    Finding Fun and Happiness? How do you find some?

    I think variety is the most important thing. Try to go a few different places even if they're 10 feet from where you usually go, and do a few different things even if they're tiny things.
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    r we born shy?

    Sometimes it's because of the huge life disruption and period of isolation while recovering or the general caution/avoidance it triggers. I've heard of people suddenly becoming much more anxious around people after they recover from a car accident that takes weeks to convalesce. But there are...
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    r we born shy?

    Just because something can cause PTSD doesn't mean that's the only thing it'll cause, or that it will necessarily cause that and not something else. There are people who develop social anxiety from such experiences.
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    r we born shy?

    Bullying is probably the most common for those who develop social anxiety at adolescence. Could also be child abuse, parental friction/divorce, an injury, a move to a new city/country, any number of other traumas. Generally some sort of traumatic event or period for most people, though, from...
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    How are you feeling?

    That'd be a horrible feeling. But if a heart attack is sudden and severe enough that someone goes off the road and presumably loses consciousness, their chances of survival were low even if a paramedic were on the scene immediately. And probably hundreds of other people passed by doing nothing...
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    r we born shy?

    There's a hereditary aspect for some people, and not for others. Being raised by the people you inherited from is often a bigger influence. Personally, I think there has to be a genetic component in my case for many reasons. Both of my parents were unusually shy kids -- but not as extreme as I...
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    I only act when I'm literally recording lines from a script (which makes good voice practice and a chance to imagine other lives). It's too much trouble and energy to try to put on a fake persona when merely dealing with the social situation as-is already takes all my energy, and I don't have...
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    Emergency Backup Blog

    I don't usually blog until something irritating happens to talk about. I've been content lately. "Happy" is probably even the right word. Not ecstatically joyful, that just wouldn't be me. Not without down moments either. But largely satisfied and relaxed. Have I solved any of my problems? At...
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    Life Ramblings

    Wow, you're not even 30? I'd assumed from all the things you've talked about doing and achieving in your life that you were in your 40s (career and marriage and owning a house and a lot of land and pets and all). I didn't even start trying to live until 29. 29 was the oldest I've ever felt...
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    Loyal's Thoughts

    Google says "the time it takes for the skin to tighten after weight loss normally ranges from several months to two years, depending on how much weight you have lost" so hopefully it's just a matter of time... you're young so that should help. Congrats on the weight loss! Few of us have perfect...
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    Emergency Backup Blog

    I had an experience Friday that would've worked out better if I were still too socially anxious to rely on talking to people to solve things. I went to the Sacramento River Cats game, and as usual used light rail for half of it to save on parking, gas, and the annoyance of driving. I planned to...
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    Emergency Backup Blog

    Spring. It's a time of rebirth, relaunch, hope, the world flowering, people flowering as they get their years rolling. It's an awkward time when you're a square wheel and you hit a few bumps and finally get stuck in the grille of the storm drain. I got back to softball and played three games...