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Old 09-01-2016

Hi. I m 26 years old and i suffer and from 13 years from generalided hyperhidrosis ( armpits , back and chest) . At 17 i decided to do botox injections at armpits which worked well. After 20 i observed that my sweating armpits where almost normal after having consecutive botox treatments at pits and from then i just put odaban which keep pits dry.So from 20 years old to today (26) i had discomfort sweating at chest and back. I m going to join in Greek military so i decided that is time to act.After reading many scientific papers and try to find reviews of people having botox injections at back and chest , i decided to do it. Today i performed 24 botox units under chests ( approx 4 cm distance from each other horizontially) and another 30 approximately at back (vertically distance 4 cm each unit from other). My doctor said that many men visit him for chest and back sweating , but mainly women for under chest sweating.Needless to say that people visit him suffer mainly from palmar,plantar and armpit sweating.
I m very excited and optimistic i finally tried it and i post here in order to inform you . I will keep this post updated in order to inform you the results of this procedure.
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Old 09-02-2016

have you tried anti sweat undershirt? Like this for example
Sweat Proof Shirts For Men By Thompson Tee | Guaranteed To Protect Against Sweat
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Old 09-03-2016

Thank you for your comment! Before 10 days i ordered two t shirts from the company called ''SUTRAN'' and It is really as it is advertised. I put on the two t shirts one week before having botox and I was really relaxed wearing green and blue T shirt. It s amazing how you will feel knowing that sweat stains will not be seen by other people . Always I was looking nervously my t shirt to see how are my seat stains.If anyone suffers from hyperhidrosis , Sutran clothes are amazing because are sweat protective against all over sweating , non only armpits. I think my wardrobe will be full of this clothes in future.

In relation to botox now, I feel so optimistic now after 13 years of hyperhidrosis. Besides from Sutran , having botox injections at back and chest have already made me see results . But I will make an upgrade for that after one week when botox is said to work fully.

As you refered to Thomson Tee I just saw by clicking on it s website that it protects against armpit sweating. Not all over where I personally need it. If I am wrong , I will also search it s clothes carefully .

Thank you again for your comment!
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Old 10-23-2016

You can apply Vichy 7 days cream in these areas, at least it works wonders on my hands. It's hypoallergenic and also is great with bad odors.
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Old 11-13-2016

i first time hear about this product.Do you think Vicky will be possible to protect me against back and chest sweating?

Thank you for your comment
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Old 11-14-2016

Back and chest sweating can be tricky since we are all different. You might not know unless you try the product.
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Old 11-17-2016

Originally Posted by johnk View Post
i first time hear about this product.Do you think Vicky will be possible to protect me against back and chest sweating?
It's worth a try! Looks expensive but way chaper than botox, and is painless.
This product was very important to me because it stopped sweating AND odor, which basically made my life impossible.

In normal people, it works for 7 days, but in my case I have to use it everynight, just before going to bed,applying in clean and dry skin (if you are sweaty at the moment of applying (sp?) do it in fron of a fan or air conditioner)
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