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Old 07-20-2011
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It always happens to me,whenever I'm around people I get so nervous & anxious that I start saying & doing wierd things,like today I was hanging with my friends & suddenly some other ppl show up,I became really nervous & acted like an complete idiot around them.I overheard them saying 'WOW she's really wierd'. Ouch!I also heard them laughing behind my back.This really sucks! Seriously don't know how to stop it.
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Old 07-20-2011

Learn to relax. People are just people, they're not there to condemn you to hell or anything. You don't have to say anything to them unless they ask you something and you can just reply with a short sweet answer. Maybe you could also turn the attention away from you by asking the others a question. It's nice to get to know others after all.
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Old 08-07-2011
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Originally Posted by TheAristocrat View Post
As far as I can see, the only way to become more comfortable around people is be around people more. Increased exposer will render you more accustom to having people in your company. It's that first step, and trying to subdue the urge to bail out that I find very difficult. And I always seem to be around bad people! lol. But that aside, there is no other way around this. You'll find that the people here who are less severe sufferers are around people far more.
I agree. I have recently realised that this is the way to become more comfortable with people.

It is really scary at first, but by keeping at it, I am slowly improving.
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Old 08-23-2011

Learn to relax. People are just people, they're not there to condemn you to hell or anything.
You should try visiting my neck of the woods.
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Old 08-23-2011

If I understand your situation correctly then this advice could help. Maybe you could pretend that you're talking to someone you're already comfortable with like your mom or a good friend. Just focus on the mentality and behavior you usually display around those people, and along with that push away all negative thoughts and improve your self confidence. Another thing you should consider, if your worried about being humiliated or if they think your a loser because of a characteristic you have or a past experience is the idea that those people you met probably have their own flaws to worry about and are not genuinely better than you. Besides, the people who judge you over a little flaw or look are what I consider low and very immature, it's just Plain Prejudiced. And this is coming from a guy dealing with social anxiety for about seven years now. Hoped this helped.
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