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Old 06-15-2014

Recently I gave it my all, went to school for awhile, got a good degree and a good job. Now I'm stuck at this high-stress, high-anxiety job and I've got things to pay off (like school and a car) so I need the money desperately. Not only do I have to work all of the time, but on my own time I have zero energy to put towards my regular life. I haven't dated in a year (my last girlfriend left me due in part to my high stress lifestyle), which only adds to the problem.

My linkedin page looks great for a kid my age, but I'm crawling in my skin as I'm so stressed, depressed, and lonely.
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Old 06-16-2014
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Did people warn you that it would be hard to balance your life with the job you have? I just feel that you knew what kind of life you were gonna have before you signed up for everything.
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Old 06-17-2014
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That sounds rough, I'm sorry. Society really pushes people to get the biggest paying job, regardless if they enjoy it or not and its hard to not to cave into the pressure. You either stay until you've paid off your major expenses or move to a less stressful position that may not pay as well but at least you'll keep a grip on your sanity and have some time to actually live. It boils down to priorities in life too. Think long-term about the consequences of both and figure out the best option. Personally I could not stand my life being consumed by a high anxiety job I hated and I'd get out before marriage and children make it even harder. If you've done everything you can to manage your time properly and you still have no energy for life there's something wrong. It's a hard choice, but I hope you can figure something out.
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