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Old 07-21-2012
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interesting. I will have to check some of these out.

I could immediatly identify with Reginald Barclay from star trek tng .
he was in a few eps but the main one being "hollow pursuits".

"I mean I am the guy who writes down things to remember to say when there is a party. And then when he finally gets there he winds up alone, in the corner, trying to look...comfortable examining a potted plant."
"You're just shy, Barclay."
"Just shy...sounds like nothing serious, doesn't it? You can't know."
- Barclay and La Forge
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Old 07-23-2012

My friend who said he has SA told me watch Larz and the real girl. Said he connected with that character.. Even though it was extreme. I will watch it. Girl interipred was a great film as well.
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Old 07-23-2012
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I've seen a lot of movies but the only movie that I can recall off the top of my head that really focused only on social anxiety was the movie, Adam. It's really tough to make a movie about people who have social anxiety entertaining because people like me aren't very entertaining, haha.

Someone who likes to hang out by themselves so much isn't really good movie script material. I do realize that movies such as I Am Legend and Jerimiah Johnson were about men that were forced into being a loner, or Redford, I guess wanted to be a loner, but the thing with both Redford and Smith's characters is they didn't have SA issues. Also, in Jerimiah Johnson, Redford actually ended up being around people a fair amount throughout the movie. He even got himself a g/f.

Someone brought up Roger Dodger, and I still don't really think that movie focused on SA directly, at least not SAD. It was more focused on the younger Jesse Eisenberg maturing socially and sexually with women, which is what many younsters go through, not just kids who have SA issues. Also, Eisenberg in that movie had a hefty amount of friends because at the lunch table at the end of the movie he had all those guys hanging out with him. Someone such as myself was the guy that sat by himself at high school lunch in public school. Roger Dodger did have some SA stuff, but it wasn't entirely focused on SA as much as the movie, Adam.

I would say Hollywood does love the loner character, but the portrayal of the loner character is often unrealistic and the loner always wins in their life, which definitely is not similar to real life. The Ryan Gosling in Driver was a loner, yet, he still managed to get a hot g/f just fall into his lap? Anyways, 99% of men in general don't look as good as Gosling so comparing us to him is irrelevant.

The problem with Hollywood and SA is that Hollywood's job is to put butts in the seats, and the big way they do that is making underdog characters successful. Unfortunately, real life doesn't really work out that way. I've been an outcast for my whole life and not much has changed, and I think a lot of people like me are in the same boat. Hollywood can't give an accurate portrayal of SA because it would be a depressing movie (like Adam was) that people wouldn't want to see. SA has made me boring and a depressing type of person that is not entertaining to be around or watch on the silver screen nonetheless, so it's no surprise that Hollywood doesn't want to make movies about people such as myself.

If they do make a movie about the underdog, it always turns out to be something incredibly unrealistic such as the movie, She's Out of My League. In this film, the average looking, dorky baggage handler guy at the airport who is a total pushover unrealistically winds up getting a beautiful woman to fall in love with him, which would never ever happen in real life.

I love Hollywood, but that's my problem with Hollywood. They twist the real world often, and make up their own fairy tale about something that is inaccurate and would never happen. But hey, that's Hollywood. That's how they sell tickets.

What is my favorite SA movie? I didn't like the movie, Adam, so I'm not sure if I really have a favorite.

Oh yeah, if I had to pick a movie that had something to do with SA, then my favorite is the 40 Year Old Virgin movie. It was more about a man struggling to get with women, which is an SA problem but then again, let us not forget that guy wasn't that shy considering his job was on a sales floor talking to people all day.
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Old 07-23-2012
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Originally Posted by psych View Post
I used to like the stuff the characters went through on the American tv show, Scrubs...

They had a scene where the blonde girl Elliot trips in the cafeteria. They flashed to a high school scene where she had braces, & headgear, & was tripped by a cheerleader.... Of course, she was wearing her band practice uniform...

Delightfully horrifying social moments. I found the narrative by JD, & the positive outcomes to be comforting in tough times.
oh i love Scrubs!half the times i laughed half i cried,i think it's the only time i see tv characters admitting they have neuroses and it's ok,they didn't show it that much,but JD tells us that Elliott is insecure,or how JD craves to be accepted by dr.Cox,they leave little "hints".i love JD and Turks friendship,especially for someone who becomes clingy on one single person when they get a chance to connect,it hits close to home.
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