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Old 03-02-2017

So I underwent ETS surgery for excessive hand sweating in January of 2017.

Let me first say, so far, it has been the best decision of my life!

Brief history: I have dealt with excessive hand, feet, and armpit sweat since about the 7th grade. I am currently 27 years old now.

To be honest, I was ok with hiding my hand sweat and avoided shaking hands whenever possible. I was really worried about my armpit sweat. It was horrible. I would get huge pancake size sweat stains and had to wear certain clothes to hide it. About three years ago I was doing some research and found out that in Canada, with good insurance, botox was quite cheap. I jumped on it and did it twice for my armpits. It worked great but only lasted for about 4 months, tops. Once I turned 25 and lost the insurance I had under my parents, botox was just going to be too expensive.

Then I found Mira dry. It was expensive but I saved $1500 for the first session (they suggested two sessions spread out by 3 months). I only ended up doing the one session because I didnít have another $1500. It seemed to work for about 3 months then I noticed I was slowly starting to sweat again. I tried using Drysol and it worked great! I only needed to re-apply about once a week.

A few more months went by (no armpit sweat), then I started thinking about my hand sweat. I started doing some more research, got a prescription for Xanax. It seemed to work a tiny little bit but I didnít want to be taking prescription drugs the whole time. At the same time I got the first prescription the doctor also sent a referral to a surgeon who could perform the ETS surgery.

I finally got the call and was excited to have sweat-free hands! I was quite nervous as I have never been put under before. By the way, in Canada, this surgery is COMPLETELY covered by healthcare. I didnít have to pay a dime for it!

Surgery was pretty quick, I woke up with a sore chest as they had to collapse my lungs to clamp the t3/t4 nerve. My hands were completely dry right after surgery! I went home and laid in bed for about 3 days. On the third morning I woke up in a small sweat and my hands were clammy! I was pretty nervous that the surgery had not worked. The next day, my hands were back to being dry. My hands have been dry ever since and it has been almost two months since the surgery.

I have noticed a small amount of CS. In the middle of the night sometimes I wake up and my lower body is sweating. Like my legs, groin, and feet. Itís not that bad, but it is there. My armpits donít sweat at all anymore either. I also noticed a little more sweating from my stomach and lower back area, but that is only when I am actually sweating (like at the gym on the treadmill.)

It has only been about 2 months from the surgery but I am loving it. LIFE CHANGING. The other night I went out to a networking event and met and shook hands with about 25-30 people. Hands were completely dry and my confidence levels were like never before.

I will keep everyone updated on my progress or if I develop any more excessive CS. I will also try to answer any questions you guys have.

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Old 03-04-2017

For severe HH, Miradry must be done under level 5, and it would take over 2/3 sessions. I hope your ETS wont give you compensatory sweating, good luck!
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Old 03-05-2017

I went to see the my surgeon yesterday. He said that if I get any CS that it most likely would have started already. I do notice an increase in the amount of sweat in my lower body like I said. My legs, lower back and stomach sweat more. But again, this is only when my body is actually sweating from over heating. It's not like my hands/armpits used to sweat for no reason. Hopefully the CS continues to be very mild!

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Old 03-05-2017

Your surgeon is not being totally truthful. The honeymoon stage can last several years, then the bulk of CS can hit hard.
I hope that you have the best of luck with your sweating. You probably will not know for years.
On a positive note I'm glad you are happy so far.
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Old 03-14-2017

Sprawling, no need to be such a buzz kill... it's great that the procedure has worked so well, as it does for many many people.
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Liquid55 (03-17-2017)
Old 03-28-2017

She's not being a buzz kill she's giving him the hard truth.
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Old 06-15-2017

Up date guy!

This is still the best decision I have ever made! My hands are always dry. Some extra sweat in other areas but only when exercising or actually over heating.
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